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Your first stop for free Great Lakes desktop wallpaper!

Welcome to Great Lakes Digital Imaging. The intent of this site is to allow our visitors to explore Great Lakes Ships, Lighthouses and other points of interest through Great Lakes themed screensavers and digital photo images that can be saved as desktop wallpaper. Many of these images are 800x600, and the most recent are 1024x768 digital images, so right-click on any full-sized image and then "save as desktop wallpaper."

Click HERE to download our FREE Lighthouses of the Great Lakes Screensaver! This all new screensaver features photos of 24 lighthouses from the upper Great Lakes!newgif.gif (123 bytes)

We currently have images of Great Lakes Ships (241 images), Great Lakes Lighthouses (76 images), Ghost Towns (43 images), and Sunsets (48 images).

The column on the left has links to our photo pages, while the column on the right has links to some interesting Great Lakes sites and webcams. Please sign or view our guestbook before you leave.

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Great Lakes

bullet.gif (95 bytes)BobLo Boat Ste.
8x8.gif (39 bytes)Claire
bullet.gif (95 bytes)DeTour Reef Light
8x8.gif (39 bytes)Preservation Society
bullet.gif (95 bytes)Diamond Jack's
8x8.gif (39 bytes)River Tours
bullet.gif (95 bytes)Dick's Great Lakes
8x8.gif (39 bytes)Ship Photos
bullet.gif (95 bytes)Great Lakes
8x8.gif (39 bytes)Shipwreck Museum
bullet.gif (95 bytes)Great Lakes Vessel
8x8.gif (39 bytes)Image Database
bullet.gif (95 bytes)Icebreaker Mackinaw
8x8.gif (39 bytes)Maritime Museum
bullet.gif (95 bytes)Pasty Central
bullet.gif (95 bytes)Saginaw River
8x8.gif (39 bytes)Images
bullet.gif (95 bytes)William G. Mather
8x8.gif (39 bytes)Museum

Great Lakes

bullet.gif (95 bytes)Detroit River
bullet.gif (95 bytes)Duluth Entry
bullet.gif (95 bytes)Duluth Mn
bullet.gif (95 bytes)Eagle Harbor Mi
bullet.gif (95 bytes)Mackinac Island
bullet.gif (95 bytes)Marquette Mi
bullet.gif (95 bytes)Muskegon Harbor
bullet.gif (95 bytes)Portage Lift Bridge
bullet.gif (95 bytes)Soo Locks

YouTube Videos
bullet.gif (95 bytes)Alpena
bullet.gif (95 bytes)American Courage
bullet.gif (95 bytes)Arthur M. Anderson
bullet.gif (95 bytes)Charles M. Beeghly
bullet.gif (95 bytes)Edgar B. Speer
bullet.gif (95 bytes)Forty Mile Point
bullet.gif (95 bytes)John G. Munson
bullet.gif (95 bytes)J.W. Shelley
bullet.gif (95 bytes)Kaye A. Barker
bullet.gif (95 bytes)Lighthouses
bullet.gif (95 bytes)Presque Isle
bullet.gif (95 bytes)Pt Iroquois
bullet.gif (95 bytes)Saginaw
bullet.gif (95 bytes)Sunsets
bullet.gif (95 bytes)Willis B. Boyer
bullet.gif (95 bytes)Whitefish Point
bullet.gif (95 bytes)YouTube Home

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Great Lakes Ship Screensaver

Click HERE to purchase our new Great Lakes Ship screensaver, featuring high quality digital images of 50 different ships loading and unloading cargo, transiting locks, crossing open lakes, navigating rivers and channels, and at winter lay-up!

Click PLAY on the video below to see our Great Lakes Lighthouse video, or click HERE to see all 43 of our videos on YouTube, including the Edgar B. Speer stuck in ice on the St. Marys River at Rock Cut.

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All photos on this site were taken by and are property of Paul Hoffmeyer unless otherwise noted. Any other use of the photographic images from this site other than use for desktop wallpaper is forbidden without expressed permission from Paul Hoffmeyer.
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