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tn_calcitelltaylorsloan01_jpg.jpg (1934 bytes)   Calcite II and fleetmates George A. Sloan, Myron C. Taylor at 2000 winter lay-up.

tn_calcitelltaylorsloan03_jpg.jpg (1998 bytes)   Calcite II and fleetmates George A. Sloan, Myron C. Taylor another view.

tn_callawaycasonj01_jpg.jpg (1661 bytes)   Callaway Cason J. upbound in an icy Detroit River near Belle Isle.

tn_calumet01_jpg.jpg (1926 bytes)   Calumet loading grain late in the season at Toledo.

tn_calumetmaumee01_jpg.jpg (1926 bytes)   Calumet with fleetmate Maumee at Sarnia for 2002-2003 winter lay-up, bow (1116 bytes)

tn_calumetmaumee02_jpg.jpg (1926 bytes)   Calumet with fleetmate Maumee at Sarnia for 2002-2003 winter lay-up, stern (1116 bytes)

tn_canadiancentury01_jpg.jpg (1724 bytes)   Canadian Century turning in the Detroit River after loading salt at Windsor.

tn_canadianenterprise01_jpg.jpg (1690 bytes)   Canadian Enterprise downbound in the St. Clair River near (1116 bytes)

tn_canadianenterprise02_jpg.jpg (1690 bytes)   Canadian Enterprise downbound on the Detroit River under the Ambassador (1116 bytes)

tn_canadianleader01_jpg.jpg (2484 bytes)   Canadian Leader downbound waiting to enter the Poe Lock at the Soo.

tn_canadianminer01_jpg.jpg (1752 bytes)   Canadian Miner downbound in the Detroit River near Zug (1116 bytes)

tn_canadianminer02_jpg.jpg (1781 bytes)   Canadian Miner downbound on the St. Clair River near Marysville (1116 bytes)

tn_canadiannavigator01_jpg.jpg (1781 bytes)   Canadian Navigator downbound on Lake Huron just above Port Huron (1116 bytes)

tn_canadianolympic01_jpg.jpg (1752 bytes)   Canadian Olympic downbound on the Detroit River near Belanger (1116 bytes)

tn_canadianprogress01_jpg.jpg (1789 bytes)   Canadian Progress unloading at Lambton (1116 bytes)

tn_canadianprospector01_jpg.jpg (1690 bytes)   Canadian Prospector downbound at St. Clair (1116 bytes)

tn_canadiantransfer01_jpg.jpg (1781 bytes)   Canadian Transfer crossing Lake St. Clair in the early (1116 bytes)

tn_canadiantransport01_jpg.jpg (1781 bytes)   Canadian Transport about to enter the MacArthur Lock at the (1116 bytes)

tn_canadiantransport03_jpg.jpg (1781 bytes)   Canadian Transport upbound on the Detroit River passing Windsor (1116 bytes)

tn_canadianvoyager01_jpg.jpg (1990 bytes)   Canadian Voyager guided by tugs inbound on the Maumee River, Toledo.

tn_canadianvoyager02_jpg.jpg (1941 bytes)   Canadian Voyager inbound on the Maumee River, note the colorful sunset.   Carrick John J. (barge) with tug Victorious on the St. Clair River at (1116 bytes) newgif.gif (123 bytes)

tn_chioscharity01_jpg.jpg (1978 bytes)   Chios Charity at the Morton Terminal, Windsor.

tn_clarkephilipr03_jpg.jpg (1654 bytes)   Clarke Philip R. waiting to load coal at (1116 bytes)

tn_claudia01_jpg.jpg (1759 bytes)   Claudia upbound in the St. Clair River near Marine City.

tn_bobloboats01_jpg.jpg (2380 bytes)   Columbia (left) and the Ste. Claire former Boblo boats, sadly rotting away at River Rouge.

tn_columbia01_jpg.jpg (2380 bytes)   Columbia by herself after the Ste. Claire was towed to Toledo (1116 bytes)

tn_columbia04_jpg.jpg (2519 bytes)   Columbia at dry-dock for hull repairs, River Rouge (1116 bytes)

tn_columbiastar01_jpg.jpg (2380 bytes)   Columbia Star Downbound below the locks at Sault Ste. (1116 bytes)

tn_corneliusadame02_jpg.jpg (2519 bytes)   Cornelius Adam E. downbound in the St. Clair River near St. Clair (1116 bytes)

tn_corneliusadame04_jpg.jpg (2519 bytes)   Cornelius Adam E. on the Detroit River aproaching the Ambassador (1116 bytes)

tn_cortstewartj03_jpg.jpg (2519 bytes)   Cort Stewart J. downbound locking through at the Soo on her last run of (1116 bytes)

tn_cortstewartj011_jpg.jpg (2519 bytes)   Cort Stewart J. at the lower entry wall of the Poe (1116 bytes)

tn_csllaurentien01_jpg.jpg (2519 bytes)   CSL Laurentien at Toledo loading (1116 bytes)

tn_csltadoussac01_jpg.jpg (2519 bytes)   CSL Tadoussac loading Taconite at Superior (1116 bytes)

tn_cuyahoga01_jpg.jpg (2731 bytes)   Cuyahoga loading grain at Toledo.

tn_cuyahoga02_jpg.jpg (2731 bytes)   Cuyahoga upbound at Port Huron, bow (1116 bytes)


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