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tn_diamondbelle01_jpg.jpg (1690 bytes)   Diamond Belle unloading passengers at the St. Clair (1116 bytes)

tn_diamondjack01_jpg.jpg (2165 bytes)   Diamond Jack upbound on the Detroit River off Belanger Park in River Rouge.

tn_diamondqueen01_jpg.jpg (2165 bytes)   Diamond Queen upbound on the Detroit River off Hart Plaza, (1116 bytes)

tn_dimitrisy01_jpg.jpg (2165 bytes)   Dimitris Y ocean salty unloading at River (1116 bytes)


tn_elm01_jpg.jpg (1879 bytes)   Elm salt water ship at the Morton Terminal, (1116 bytes)


tn_federalfuji01_jpg.jpg (1879 bytes)   Federal Fuji anchored near Ojibway Salt, Windsor.

tn_federalkivalina01_jpg.jpg (1879 bytes)   Federal Kivalina downbound passing under the Bluewater Bridge, Port (1116 bytes)   Federal Kushiro downbound on the St Marys River at Mission (1116 bytes) newgif.gif (123 bytes)

tn_federalmanitou01.jpg (1810 bytes)   Federal Manitou upbound at the Soo Locks.newgif.gif (123 bytes)digital.gif (1116 bytes)

tn_federaloshima01_jpg.jpg (1810 bytes)   Federal Oshima upbound near Zug Island.

tn_federalrideau01_jpg.jpg (1810 bytes)   Federal Rideau upbound entering Lake St. Clair near Belle (1116 bytes)

tn_federalweser01_jpg.jpg (1810 bytes)   Federal Weser at the Cargill elevators, Sarnia (1116 bytes)

tn_federalyukon001_jpg.jpg (1690 bytes)   Federal Yukon exiting the Poe Lock, Sault Ste. Marie (1116 bytes)

tn_fordem01_jpg.jpg (2071 bytes)   Ford E. M. in long-term lay-up use for cement storage, Saginaw.

tn_fordem02_jpg.jpg (1924 bytes)   Ford E. M. another look.

tn_fordjb001_jpg.jpg (1690 bytes)   Ford J.B. used as a cement storage vessel at Superior (1116 bytes)

tn_fordjb002_jpg.jpg (1690 bytes)   Ford J.B. used as a cement storage vessel at Superior Wisconsin (stern view).digital.gif (1116 bytes)

tn_frantzjosephh01_jpg.jpg (1922 bytes)   Frantz Joseph H. winter lay-up 2000-2001 at Toledo.

tn_frantzjosephh04_jpg.jpg (2230 bytes)   Frantz Joseph H. laid-up, summer of 2002, (1116 bytes)

tn_frontenac03_jpg.jpg (1891 bytes)   Frontenac downbound on the Detroit River near the Ambassador (1116 bytes)

tn_frontenac02_jpg.jpg (2456 bytes)   Frontenac locking down through the MacArthur Lock, Sault Ste. Marie.


tn_hoeyfleet01_jpg.jpg (2131 bytes)   Gaelic Tug Fleet ready for orders at their dock on the Rouge (1116 bytes)

tn_gemini03_jpg.jpg (2131 bytes)   Gemini upbound on the Detroit River near Zug (1116 bytes)

tn_goldenlaker01_jpg.jpg (1811 bytes)   Golden Laker anchored near Ojibway Salt, Windsor.

tn_gottedwinh01_jpg.jpg (1690 bytes)   Gott Edwin H. downbound on the St. Clair River at Marine (1116 bytes)

tn_gottedwinh02_jpg.jpg (1690 bytes)   Gott Edwin H. downbound on the St. Marys River at Mission (1116 bytes)

tn_gottedwinh003_jpg.jpg (1690 bytes)   Gott Edwin H. at the lower entry wall waiting the enter the Poe (1116 bytes)

tn_greatlaker01_jpg.jpg (1690 bytes)   Great Laker downbound crossing Lake St. (1116 bytes)

tn_greatlakes01_jpg.jpg (1690 bytes)   Great Lakes barge with tug Michigan at Mackinaw (1116 bytes)

tn_greatlakestrader01_jpg.jpg (1690 bytes)   Great Lakes Trader with tug Joyce L. Van Enkevort entering the Soo (1116 bytes)

tn_greenwing001_jpg.jpg (1690 bytes)   Greenwing downbound on the St Marys River at Rock (1116 bytes)

tn_griffon02_jpg.jpg (1690 bytes)   Griffon departing the Cargill dock at Sarina (1116 bytes)


tn_hannadonaldc01_jpg.jpg (2275 bytes)   Hanna Donald C. pushing a barge on the Detroit River near the entrance or the Rouge River.

tn_harrimanlouisg001_jpg.jpg (1940 bytes)   Harriman Louis G. ready for scrapping at Algoma Steel, Soo (1116 bytes)

tn_hoeycarolynn01_jpg.jpg (2068 bytes)   Hoey Carolyn on the Detroit River assisting the Algoway out of the Rouge (1116 bytes)

tn_hoeycarolynn02_jpg.jpg (1940 bytes)   Hoey Carolyn at her dock on the Rouge (1116 bytes)

tn_hoeypatricia01_jpg.jpg (2068 bytes)   Hoey Patricia upbound on the Detroit River off Belanger Park, River Rouge.

tn_huronlightship01_jpg.jpg (2413 bytes)   Huron Lightship museum on the bank of the St. Clair River, Port Huron.

tn_huronlightship02_jpg.jpg (2413 bytes)   Huron Lightship dramatic night-time (1116 bytes)


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