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tn_oakglen01_jpg.jpg (1886 bytes)   Oakglen loading grain at Windsor.   Oberstar Hon James L. upbound at Port (1116 bytes) newgif.gif (123 bytes)   Oberstar Hon James L. upbound at Port Huron. Stern (1116 bytes) newgif.gif (123 bytes)   Oberstar Hon James L. downbound at Mission (1116 bytes) newgif.gif (123 bytes)

tn_oglebayearlw01_jpg.jpg (1631 bytes)   Oglebay Earl W. downbound in the Detroit River near the Rouge River.

tn_oglebayearlw03_jpg.jpg (2108 bytes)   Oglebay Earl W. 2000-2001 winter lay-up at Toledo.

tn_oglebayearlw06_jpg.jpg (2098 bytes)   Oglebay Earl W. loading taconite at Marquette (1116 bytes)

tn_oglebaynorton01_jpg.jpg (2108 bytes)   Oglebay Norton upbound, leaving the Soo Locks .digital.gif (1116 bytes)

tn_oldendorffrixta01_jpg.jpg (1690 bytes)   Oldendorff Rixta at the Morton Terminal, Windsor (1116 bytes)


tn_patterson01_jpg.jpg (2546 bytes)   Patterson waiting to enter the Soo Locks.

tn_pathfinder02_jpg.jpg (1709 bytes)   Pathfinder and tug Dorothy Ann upbound on the St. Clair River, bow view.

tn_pathfinder03_jpg.jpg (1810 bytes)   Pathfinder upbound at the Soo Locks.newgif.gif (123 bytes)digital.gif (1116 bytes)

tn_peremarquette1001_jpg.jpg (1864 bytes)   Pere Marquette 10 at RR docks, Port Huron.

tn_persenk01_jpg.jpg (1899 bytes)   Persenk downbound in the Detroit River.

tn_pescadoresfodas001_jpg.jpg (2098 bytes)   Pescadores Fodas entering Lake Huron, Port Huron (1116 bytes)

tn_presqueisle01_jpg.jpg (1964 bytes)   Presque Isle downbound in the St. Marys River passing Mission Point, Sault Ste. Marie.


tn_quebecois01_jpg.jpg (2098 bytes)   Quebecios upbound on the Detroit River passing Belle Isle and (1116 bytes)

tn_quedoc01_jpg.jpg (2098 bytes)   Quedoc waiting to be scrapped at Algoma Steel, Soo (1116 bytes)


tn_randolphcurtis001_jpg.jpg (2098 bytes)   Randolph Curtis supply boat, at her dock near the Ambassador bridge, Detroit (1116 bytes)

tn_reliance01_jpg.jpg (2263 bytes)   Reliance tug with barge, upbound at Port Huron heading for Sault Ste. (1116 bytes)

tn_reserve02_jpg.jpg (1690 bytes)   Reserve downbound on the St. Clair River, near Marine (1116 bytes)

tn_reserve03_jpg.jpg (1690 bytes)   Reserve downbound on the St. Clair River, at Port Huron, bow view. digital.gif (1116 bytes)

tn_romanstephenb001_jpg.jpg (2098 bytes)   Roman Stephen B. docked near the Ambassador Bridge, Windsor (1116 bytes)

tn_ryersonedwardl01_jpg.jpg (2098 bytes)   Ryerson Edward L. at long term lay-up, Sturgeon Bay (1116 bytes)

tn_ryersonedwardl03_jpg.jpg (2098 bytes)   Ryerson Edward L. downbound passing under the Bluewater (1116 bytes)

tn_ryersonedwardl02_jpg.jpg (2098 bytes)   Ryerson Edward L. another (1116 bytes)


tn_saginaw03_jpg.jpg (2316 bytes)   Saginaw unloading at Windsor in the ice.

tn_saginaw06_jpg.jpg (2298 bytes)   Saginaw upbound on the Detroit River after departing Sterling Fuel (1116 bytes)

tnschoonmaker02.jpg (2259 bytes)   Schoonmaker Col. James M. at the Great Lakes Maritime Museum, Toledo Ohio.newgif.gif (123 bytes)digital.gif (1116 bytes)

tnschoonmaker01.jpg (2259 bytes)   Schoonmaker Col. James M. stern cabins.newgif.gif (123 bytes)digital.gif (1116 bytes)

tnschoonmaker03.jpg (2259 bytes)   Schoonmaker Col. James M. name on stern.newgif.gif (123 bytes)digital.gif (1116 bytes)

tn_shelleyjw02.jpg (2259 bytes)   Shelley J.W. downbound entering the locks at Sault Ste. (1116 bytes)

tn_shelleyjw01.jpg (2259 bytes)   Shelley J.W. downbound leaving the locks at Sault Ste. (1116 bytes)

tn_sherwinjohn001_jpg.jpg (2098 bytes)   Sherwin John long term lay-up at Superior Wisconsin.newgif.gif (123 bytes)digital.gif (1116 bytes)

tn_calcitelltaylorsloan01_jpg.jpg (1934 bytes)   Sloan George A. and Calcite II, Myron C. Taylor at 2000-2001 winter lay-up Sarnia.

tn_calcitelltaylorsloan03_jpg.jpg (1998 bytes)   Sloan George A. and fleetmates Calcite II, Myron C. Taylor another view.

tn_southdownchallenger03_jpg.jpg (2135 bytes)   Southdown Challenger loading cement at Lafarge, Detroit.

tn_southdownchallenger08_jpg.jpg (1962 bytes)   Southdown Challenger upbound on the St. Clair River passing Port (1116 bytes)

tn_sparjade001_jpg.jpg (2098 bytes)   Spar Jade at anchor outside the harbor, Duluth (1116 bytes)

tn_speeredgarb01_jpg.jpg (1962 bytes)   Speer Edgar B. stranded in the ice at Rock Cut on her last run of the 2003 (1116 bytes)

tn_speeredgarb02_jpg.jpg (2098 bytes)   Speer Edgar B. turning to line up with the ore docks, Two Harbors (1116 bytes)

tn_spencejohn01_jpg.jpg (1962 bytes)   Spence John tug, downbound on the Detroit River pushing an asphalt (1116 bytes)

tn_spencersarah01_jpg.jpg (1738 bytes)   Spencer Sarah downbound in the St. Clair River near Algonac.

tn_stclair01_jpg.jpg (1944 bytes)   St. Clair 2000-2001 winter lay-up at Toledo.

tn_stclair03_jpg.jpg (1738 bytes)   St. Clair upbound on the St. Clair River near Marine (1116 bytes)

tn_bobloboats01_jpg.jpg (2380 bytes)   Ste. Claire (right) and the Columbia, former Boblo boats, rotting away at River Rouge 2001.

tn_stclaire04_jpg.jpg (2380 bytes)   Ste. Claire docked downtown Toledo for a Halloween haunted house (1116 bytes)

tn_stinsongeorgea01_jpg.jpg (1879 bytes)   Stinson George A. downbound in the Detroit River, turning to unload at the steel mill.

tn_sykeswilfred01_jpg.jpg (1823 bytes)   Sykes Wilfred inbound on the Rouge River, passing under (1116 bytes)

tn_sykeswilfred03_jpg.jpg (1823 bytes)   Sykes Wilfred unloading stone at the Wirt Stone Docks on the Saginaw (1116 bytes)

tn_sylvia01_jpg.jpg (1823 bytes)   Sylvia loading grain at Windsor.


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